This is just a short note to alert you to the wonderful partnership we've had with Tom Janzow with his eyeNAV 360 photography for our home page on marriott.com and more recently with an iPAD link which we can use to showcase o... more
MARRIOTT HOTEL MANILA: General Manager - Richard M. Saul
I’ve commissioned eyeNAV three times over the past 2 years to produce 360˚ Tours of our Award winning hotel & Apartments and I must admit the quality and realism of the images that have been provided are a credit to eyeNAV and a real asset... more
BYD LOFTS: Owner - Alex Bressers
I stayed at the BYD lofts for two nights at the end of September, in the 2-bedroom suite. It was awesome! My favorite hotel in the world is the Hotel-G in Beijing, and I honestly didn't think I would ever find a hotel that I liked as much as that... more
Trip Advisor comment:
We're consistently using the eyeNAV CD format and thanks for updating our new logo. All the developed tools you provided help our sales team to better sell the hotel and destination.  Our Sales team use the enhanced web tour a l... more
JW MARRIOTT HONG KONG: E-Commerce Director – Cherry Ko
Dear Hoteliers,  Tom Janzow of eyeNAV who is regarded as the expert in Virtual 360 degree web Tours, is coming to Manila early next year. He did all the El Nido shots in 2004 and created 3 versions of marketing CDs that helped us market the El ... more
AURA HOTELS & RESORTS: President / Senior Consultant – Etienne La’Brooy
The Sarojin, Thailand, has been working with eyeNav360 Multimedia since May 2010 to develop 360 virtual tours of The Sarojin's resort facilities. Throughout this period The Sarojin has found the eyeNAV 360 team to be extremely professiona... more