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We produce high quality 360° photography which becomes engaging website and social media & OTA content for our clients. We further develop this into presentation tools for their sales activities.

eyeNAV 360 is not a set & forget production service and we prefer to think of our work as creating a digital asset for our clients. We help to maximise ROI and offer long-term support to ensure our photography stays visible on our clients latest websites and is used on other channels. Our 360° Tour packaging can be updated to ensure it has a long shelf life, evolving with your brand, and being hands-on sales visual tool for years after we first deliver it.

Our longer term clients of 5+ years are testament to our commitment of keeping their visual 360 tool maintained and current. We provide editing of room category captions, removal or replacement of out-dated 360 photos; we make custom URLs for specific campaigns and can update PPT slides into existing 360 presentations for our client’s sales trips. Even when our client’s change their website or re-brand we make every effort to keep the visual asset usable.

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360° Photography with Professional Results

Using DSLR cameras with fisheye lenses might seem over the top these days with so many DIY solutions for capturing a 360° view. For us it’s certainly a process, capturing multiple exposures and blending these manually to get sharp and beautifully lit ‘scenes’ is what ensures our work will meet your hotels marketing brand standards.
Especially for luxury hotels and bespoke venues with guests, our photographers will finalise a shoot schedule with your team and ensure communication to relevant department heads. This all happens well before the tripod comes out.
We believe our pre-shoot planning is a vital detail and also the beginning of our creative process. A solid shoot schedule enables our clients and the relative departments to having areas / facilities tidy and setup as agreed and for a specific time slot. The plan makes the actual photography at each location relatively fast and efficient.
Like all plans, flexibility is key and for photography sometimes sunlight & clouds are driving factors.
We aim to maximise the results of the photos with play on ambient natural light and styling where appropriate, whilst maintaining a strict ethic on minimising effect to operations and that guest experience always comes first.

Detailed Post Production and Image Re-touching
As you would expect, for us to achieve stunning 360° images for your business, they do not come straight from the camera. In fact most of our work is in the post production phase utilizing manual exposure blending, careful shadow and highlight adjustment and detailed retouching.
Our workflow takes days not hours to ensure our 360 degree photo scenes look ultra-realistic and convincing. Especially suited to Luxury Resorts, Sunset Venues or Retreats at sunrise, our style and method will produce vibrant and well lit images that truly capture the essence of your business.

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Building Interactive Tours & Presentations

Our custom branded 360° Interactive Tours are the packaging we provide with our Panoramic Photography. We will create a bespoke virtual tour with an option of different user interfaces, allowing viewers to explore your property in an intuitive way.
The 360 Tour with its hosted URLs will be used on your website and for sales whereas the panoramic photos are polished and exported in.JPG format for other installations like Google and Facebook.
eyeNAV 360° Interactive Tours 360 are built to highlight all the features of your property, while enabling a visual story to the consumer. We implement hotspots and navigation menus that give your potential customers easy access to see what makes it unique.
With our Interactive 360° Tours, you can experience the highest level of engagement & visibility possible.

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Drone 360° Photography for Unique Perspectives

Our Journey into panoramic photo capture from the skies started with SkyCAM in 2004 utilizing giant kites and Helium balloons. Great effort and strength went into capturing a Bird-eye perspective for our productions. We were pioneered the use of fisheye lenses and taking a series of shots via remote controlled gimbals to make the first ever the stunning 360° views over the resort coastline of Phuket. Later SkyCAM built custom drones with the payload needed for our DSLR cameras and now, well that is all changed as you know…
This experience only makes us more passionate and creative with our drone 360° overview photography to enhance the navigation and impression of the presentations we build for our clients.
eyeNAV 360 aerial photography service showcases venues and property layouts with a unique perspective and we dont need to fly high to do this. Effectively we like to call the drone our Tripod in the Sky.

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Stills Photography for Hotels – add On Service

As part of our 360° Photography service we are able to provide some options for still photos. If you require selected areas to be captured with still photos we can supplement these in your project shoot list.
For clients requiring an entire hotel shoots in still photography we will ensure a seasoned hotel brand experienced photographer can support both your 360 capture and still frame images.

Hosting & Sales Support – Optional Subscription

Hosting Is an important part of eyeNAV 360 which is recognised for delivering 360° Views to hundreds of hotel websites. Our biggest clients receive on average over 1,500 hits on their 360 links which we host and maintain. Hosting this content means there is no extra bandwidth placed on your website and we are able to update the software files to maintain browser and mobile compatibility and importantly we can edit the visual for you when required.

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