Specialized Photography Inviting Consumer Engagement

It puts a good taste in our mouth when we see our product working for companies and we enjoy working with valued clients who think the same. If you are reading here, Google says there’s 68% chance you might be a switched on hotelier or someone representing a destination that needs to be seen to be appreciated. We would like to work with you. If you are anyone else, random student to holiday maker, web developer to photographer, and even our competitors, we thank you for your interest and welcome you to keep in touch.

"An impressive photo gallery next to a poor quality virtual tour is not a convincing visual story".

Many hotels over the years have had virtual tours. It used to be a ‘nice to have’ media and was likely the virtual tour images looked starkly different to your seasoned still images. Now there is no excuse not to show your property with professional, clean 360° images that are complete scenes planned, composed and post produced with accuracy to improve your hotel’s visual story.

eyeNAV has produced virtual tours for hundreds of hotels and a long portfolio of private luxury properties. After our productions we offer long-term support to increase engagement through some of those essential online travel channels available today.

Expedia - Show your assets! 
We are pleased to learn from our partners at Expedia, the current 360 Tour Player will be upgraded to Major OTA industry first, full screen and mobile compatible virtual tour platform, Whilst many OTAs that have been putting off virtual tours for several years, Expedia’s refreshed focus on ‘visual assets’ is a trend likely that other major online booking channels follow.

Facebook - You sure know it! Fan engagement is a key component and although we’d hate to admit it, Facebook’s user base is maturing and this mega web-based platform is set to stay with millions of daily users!

This year we can also enable creative campaign support to our clients with, contest guidelines and technical implementation on the fly within our Facebook 360 Tour APP

Android Users –  Check out our new APP! There are Billions of Mobile devices out there and most are running on this platform!

In 2000 we were the first company supplying 360° Virtual Tour Sales Presentations to luxury hotel marketing people in Asia and this is what they used to say...

"The eyeNAV 360 works well for my agent presentations. It gives me more flexibility than a linear video and offers more credibility than traditional photos"

Choo Leng Goh – DOSM Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

More than a decade later we still apply the same core approach and always try to improve the look and feel of our work to suite our clients and the changing trends of travel consumers.

"A virtual tour production is different to a brochure shoot but eyeNAV does know our brand which is important. There’s a precise window for shooting which is well thought through, using natural " light and the team always makes sure that the panoramic images sell our hotel's true story."

Paul Counihan – DOSM Aleenta Resorts

Hosting our projects enables us to provide necessary file updates which ensure mobile compatibility and easy on-the-fly editing whenever you need any changes or include new images. We provide various offline formats and source files for your peace of mind whilst we make it a priority to ensure your virtual tour impresses people on any platform, whether they be a website visitor, mobile user or industry contact.

Our Pricing is fair, we are not the cheapest supplier in Asia Pacific, however we are the most experienced. Our full package service fees are suited to any 4 or 5 star hotel budget with plenty left over for your other marketing priorities!

Please contact us with details about your project and we can provide a free quotation!