Precise 360° Photography

Our 360゚ photography sets out to represent a space or facility in its best light with WoW factor or careful setups which make consumers feel like being there. In the same way as professional hotel still photography is done, an eyeNAV360 shoot is all in the preparation and timing.

There is no Fuss & No extra lighting, we carefully plan the shots with our clients and make sure they feature their brand standard setups. We use natural ambient light and avoid harsh daytime sun, executing most of our shoots during at early mornings and early evenings.

Care is taken to ensure our scheduled photo shoots bring minimal challenges to your operations and no effect on guest experience.

Drone 360゚ photography

Our drones represent a tripod mounted perfectly steady at an ideal position above.
We are passionate about our drone panorama capture and are interested in detailed views from low altitudes.
Ultras detailed post-production is required for these scenes to look neat and tidy, highlighting the layout or location of the property. We consider ourselves lucky to adopt safe and reliable drones today because our Aerial 360° Photography days started with Giant Kites and Helium Balloons lifting heavy cameras in 2005.

Still Frame Photography

Refined Hotel Brand Photography & Photos for Sales Collateral are available by our experienced travel photographers as an additional service for your Sales & Marketing needs.
360 Capture - Due to the high quality of our 360゚ panorama construction we are also able to export still photos from our 360s. In many cases these images are adequate for the clients needs.

Linear Video

Where practical, we are able to capture short video clips with our drones as a complimentary add-on when we are capturing 360° Panoramic Views of your property. This extra footage, fly-outs & fly-overs can be provided as basic clips for your social media channels.

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